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Today more then 20% of the global revenues are generated from new products and ideas. Businesses are looking for their next big product launch, but find themselves limited by lack of ideas, resources, and time. Procter and Gamble announced last year that they would be looking for more than half of their product lines from outside the company. A BOLD STEP, or is it?

Top businesses like GE, Sony and Motorola have opened R&D centers in India and hired top engineers and scientists to ensure that products are developed and marketed rapidly. With an extremely competitive environment, companies are constantly searching the globe for fantastic new innovations, technologies and products for growth and economic stability. Retailers are constantly looking for ways to draw more people into their stores. The retail giant Wal-Mart last year contributed $57 billion Dollars of their revenues from new products, and this year projects $65 billion in revenues by putting new products on their shelves.

Bringing Ideas to Life
IDEA works hand in hand to help companies strategize and realize their visions by providing Innovative solutions. This is achieved by a flexible IDEA-Client work structure and supported by a thoroughly structured design process. This includes regular meetings with our client's staff to obtain information, identify, and document all the relevant facets of the project. Our design process can be modified to suit our client's needs accurately, quickly, and effectively.

Our integrity lies in delivering quick cost-efficient innovative solutions to our clients by offering services such as, Design, Engineering, R&D, Animation, Branding, Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing

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